Change Scheduled Debits

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Change Scheduled Debits

Looking to change your personal loan payment debit schedule date? Complete this form.

Please, complete this form to request a change on the date(s) that we may electronically debit your account for the payments due on your loan with America’s Loan Company.


Full Name

Note: Any debits moved to more than 10 days after the payment due date will have a $15.00 late fee added to the debit.


  • If changes to your debit dates make your payments to be late, in relation to when they are due, according to your loan contract, then the change may cause the payment to be reported as late to TransUnion. This may negatively affect your credit score.
  • Changing the date of your electronic debit does not change the due date of your payment as scheduled on your most recently signed loan contract with America’s Loan Company. If you need to change the due dates on your loan, a new contract will need to be signed.

Any requests submitted after 4:00 PM during our business day or on days that we are closed or on non-banking days, will be processed on our next business day. We are closed Saturdays and Sundays, and major holidays.

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